ESN International is the highest level of ESN where it all connects through various committees and has a lot of ongoing projects specifying in areas such as education, environment and health. ESN as a whole has approximately 15,000 active members offering services to 200,000 international students every year.

The work conducted by ESN is based on the following aims and principles:

  • works in the interest of international students
  • works to improve the social and practical integration of international students
  • represents the needs and rights of international students on the local, national, and international level
  • provides relevant information about mobility programs
  • motivates students to study abroad
  • works with the reintegration of homecoming students
  • contributes to the improvement and accessibility of student mobility
  • cares about its members
  • values volunteering and active citizenship

You can read more about ESN and the work ESN does on the official webpage.