ESN Stockholm is one of the two ESN sections in Stockholm (along with ESN Södertörn) and is open for participants from all the universities in Stockholm (SU, KTH, KI) as well as other universities who does not have a local section.

ESN Stockholm currently has around 25 active members doing their best to make your exchange studies an unforgettable experience. Trying to control and organize them all is a board with five members who are also in charge of our four committees:

  • The Activity and Party Committee: comes up with all of the amazing ideas for our events and makes sure these are executed to perfection.
  • The Communication Committee: is in charge of the promotion on our various social media platforms to make sure that all our participants are informed about everything we’re doing.
  • The External Relations Committee: makes sure that we also host events and projects that focus on social inclusion and social awareness.
  • The Sponsorship Committee: is in charge of acquiring local partners, who you can find under the menu Partners.

Are you interested in joining our section and any of these committees? You can read more about that process here.